*of my Belle being a first grader
*of summer vacation
*of sleeping in and not having to get up at 6:15AM (although the girls were still up at 6:45 this morning. that will take some adjustment)
*of a new summer schedule filled with fun, and activities as well as learning "STUFF"... i know, i know i'm such a teacher.

so first on the agenda... tori has been asking to ride horses. WHY? God knows. i am convinced that we will get there and it will come down to watching them from the opposite side of the gate.. but i could be wrong. so there is a sort of petting zoo, pony ride place over by costco... such a random place to have it, but anyway, we spotted it the other day and that is all tori has been talking about. so i told her we would go once bella was out of school. well don't think that she forgot about it. so that is on our agenda for today. there is also a really cool farmer's market across the street from this place, so i may be stopping there for some fresh veggies and fruit.

also on the agenda, Spider Man 3. alex has been waiting to see this for a few weeks now. he was wanting to wait for the hype to die down, although from what i hear there weren't that many crowds. anyway, my sister in love gave him a gift card to the movies for his birthday, and is also providing baby sitting, so we are off to a flick. thank you so much yoyo. it'll be nice to have a little "us" time, although the minute we get out of the movie we usually can't wait to go pick up our little ones.

just a thought... don't you just totally hate it when you are starting to turn things on again after the winter and find that things aren't working??? case in point - our air conditioner. so for the past few days i had been noticing that when the air conditioner would shut off, the fan would make this really weird noise. well, yesterday, i noticed it was getting rather toasty down stairs. HELLO!!! it was 82 degrees. that isn't suppose to happen in this house during the day. so i adjust the thermostat, and come to find out that according to that the air conditioner IS on. so i call alex, and after some checking of the unit in the attic, he has come to the conclusion that the motor is shot. GREAT!!! luckily, my hubby is really, super handy, and can fix almost anything. so he is on a mission today to find the part that he needs to fix that problem. all i can say is thank God it has been a cool spring with lots of rain to keep the temperature down, so we won't really be all that affected by the loss of the cool air for a couple of days.

okay, my find for the day yesterday. so i go to IKEA, seriously one of my favorite stores, and i find this HUGE palm tree (for inside the house) for $14.99. now i am talking this thing is huge. the tallest palm fr awn (is that right???) is about 9ft tall. so it is now prominently displayed in my room. amazing what a big, beautiful plant does to a room.

okay, i'm off to get ready for a day of fun. have a good one all.

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  1. I've got to go look for that tree! I couldn't believe that my girl woke up a first grader today. It kind of made me sad how fast the time passed. I hope the summer doesn't go by so quick!