how nice it is not to have any major plans set in stone each day. not that we weren't busy, or had things to do, but it is just nice not to be watching the clock constantly waiting for the magic hour when you have to go pick up the kids. my sisters in love always told me that although you think you are going to have all this time when the kids are in school, it really goes by very quickly... i totally know what they mean.

sleeping in is getting a little better. the fact that we aren't on a 7:00 PM bedtime helps. so now 7:30 or 8:00 is a successful sleep in time. the girls still can't figure out why i'm not on them to change as soon as they get up. i'm too much into, "Enjoy the summer, relax, don't be in such a rush." i'm sure they are wondering, "who the heck is this woman, and where did our mom go???"

so here is the break down of the last week or so... well to start off with we caught a few flix. don't get overly excited, it was only Spiderman 3 and Shrek 3. they were good, but not the, "wow those were great, i'm so glad i saw them at the theater." good. but hey beggers can't be choosers right? we went to eat some yummy food at Pei Wei, this is after giving Alex the explanation that when we go out to eat as a family, the last thing i want to eat is Chick fil A, since that is a total kids meal place. Luckily everyone though Pei Wei was quite worth it and quickly forgot about the Chick place. Abuelos was also on our meal list, and that was also quite a hit. i must say they have some tasty mexican food, and i'm pretty picky about that. Okay, i just have to mention something that i saw at Abuelos... so i'm in the bathroom, and these two little girls walk in (probably about 7 and 8 years old) and they are both carrying COACH purses. i had to take a double take just to make sure i had seen what i thought i had seen. now granted we happen to go to an Abuelos that is in a rather upscale part of town, but SERIOUSLY!!! who the **** gives their 7 year old a $150 or more purse? I don't even spend that much on my purses!!! i am so not looking forward to having my girls become label conscious. i remember my sister going through that stage and it was so not fun for my mom.

anyway, i'll get off of my soap box now and move on. OH!!! i almost forgot, i made FREEZER JAM... strawberry freezer jam to be exact, and it is the best jam ever. i will never buy jam from the store again, at least not if strawberries are in season. so my very "domestic" friend Rainie taught me how, and it is the easiest thing ever. after learning how, i don't know why more people don't make it. so i think i am well stocked for a while, and i'm thinking it may make some good gifts. HMMM!!!(wheel's turning) and finally, i went scrapbooking this weekend. so much fun. it is so nice to get away every once in a while and hang out with friends and get some stuff done. i actually feel like i am making a dent in my bajillion pictures that i need to crop. i would post, but again, i need to finish journaling, so look for them in a future post.

today i'm off to find some yummy fruit, maybe at the farmer's market, and to look for apron's for a future project. more to follow about that. gotta get stuff done, since tomorrow i'm basically stuck here waiting for our new phones. not that i'm complaining. it will be so awesome not having to worry about the phone dying 2 minutes after taking it off the charger.

okay, gotta go get ready. have a great day.

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  1. Claire Says:

    must have freezer jam recipe!