movies, movies, movies... thank goodness there have been so many kids movies released within the past few months. we have made the movies a regular outing lately, not because of the heat, because really it has been quite lovely outside. the rain has hindered some of our outdoor plans, but really the movies is just one of our favorite past times. last week we went with our friends Ansley and Lily to see Shrek 3.. Tori keeps asking to see this at home... not quite understanding that it isn't out on DVD yet. Then Saturday we went to see Fantastic 4, which the girls really liked. Hmm, who'd of guessed that they would follow their daddy's footsteps with the superhero thing. So today we will be going to watch Nancy Drew with all our cousins. This will be the first time we've done this and the girls are soo excited about it. I hope it is a good movie. We went to get Ashlynn yesterday so she could spend the night with us and be ready for the movie today. the girls played and played until almost 11 PM. Needless to say they are tired this morning, yet they still woke up early. Still can't figure out what it take to get them to sleep past 8:00 AM.

so i feel like i am making a little progress on my notorious unfinished projects. I keep seeing new things that I want to work on, only to remember that i have all this other stuff to finish first. the newest thing on my list, however, is my kitchen cabinets. so last week i went to my friend Pippin's house to see her kitchen. she got very bold and decided to paint her kitchen cabinets black. now this is something that i had thought about, but was just too scared to attempt. well, her kitchen is AWESOME!!! it is amazing what some paint can do to a room. I instantly started picturing my kitchen with that color. she said she would come and help me get started, so that is on my list of things to do. but i first have to finish my bedroom. bathroom is pretty much done and looking great i must say. i will finish my bedroom this week and then move on to the kitchen. plus alex said he wants to paint the dining room... which he is completely free to do... BUT!!! we had a serious road block this weekend.

well, both alex and i have been trying to catch up on our projects. he has been working so much with his new project at work and honestly just has been too exhausted to do anything at home. so Sunday, i made him a great Italian meal... to die for actually... and we both were doing things around the house (me painting, him working on the grout). while doing this he started having issues with the vacuum cleaner, and being the handy mr. fix it that he is, he took the vacuum apart to find out what was wrong with it. well, just as he as about to put the thing together the motor on the vacuum went off and caught his middle finger. at first he didn't think that anything had happened, and then he saw the blood and the tip of his finger hanging. WHEN DID I KNOW SOMETHING WAS WRONG? When he told me he needed me to be calm as i was coming down the stairs. so i rushed him to the hospital, which thank God was not packed, and the dr. stitched up the finger. unfortunately he only has a 50 - 50 chance that the tip will take since there isn't much blood flow to that part of the finger. so we are seriously praying that it does. he has to go to a hand specialist tomorrow so we will know more then. but for now, he is in some SERIOUS pain. on a scale from 1-10 he rates is an 8 or 9. he really didn't sleep last night and he says that the pain pills aren't doing much. through all this he hasn't lost his sense of humor though. he says that he has a meeting today and he plans on sitting with all his fingers down and that one prominently displayed... thus proudly giving "the bird". he is also milking this for everything he can. he called both sisters last night and used the "i'm your baby brother, and you're suppose to be taking care of me." line. He is waaaayyy spoiled. he is getting brownies and chocolate cupcakes from them. can you believe he did that?

okay, so i am off to feed the family.

Enjoy the day.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    OK, rule #1 for Mr. Fix-it... unplug the device you are fixing!! Alex kills me! Good thing he followed rule #2 though, "Don't show Debbie the blood." So , exacly how much of this finger tip are we talking about here? Is it big, little... now I'm really curious. Hope everything turns out well, but knowing Alex, he'll walk away with just a small scar from his stitches and lots of choclate from his sisters!!

  2. How was Nancy Drew? I can't wait for your review. Were hoping the finger takes, you're the good wife. I would have passed out and he would have had to drive him self, bleeding and all to the E.R.

  3. Liz Says:

    OMG! Hope his finger heals well 'cuz he's going to get used to using the bird on everyone!