so we hit the theater yesterday for Nancy Drew, and the kids really enjoyed it. It was one of those movies that the kids and adults enjoyed. I thought it was cute. I loved those books when I was little so I was glad to see it on the screen. And I totally love the cute outfits that Emma Roberts is wearing. My sister in love and i kept saying that we hope the style would catch on and that the kids would start wearing stuff like that. Penny loafers, cute dresses, knee high socks. cute, cute, cute!!! Next on our family movie list... Ratatouille. The girls love watching this trailer. There are also lots of Chick Flicks coming out this summer that I am wanting to watch. Evening, Licence to Wed, The Nanny Diaries, plus I really want to see Ocean's Thirteen and August Rush. Lots to put on my Netflix list.

Now an update on Alex's injury. well, we really had our hopes up that he was doing better and that his skin was taking, BUT... after a visit to the hand specialist today our balloon was totally deflated. it turns out that it is not healing well and the biggest problem is that Alex completely cut the bone. The tip of the finger isn't getting any blood flow, so the doctor has to do surgery to find out what is going on in there. Best case scenario... he puts a pin in there to reattach the tip of the finger. Worst case scenario... he has to attach the finger to Alex's palm so that he can attach a blood vessel to the finger and get blood flow going to that part of the finger. Then comes skin grafts, additional surgery, etc. So he goes in for surgery tomorrow. We are praying for the best, and your prayers would help us a lot. In the worst case, he will look like Spiderman for a few weeks... totally the wrong super hero. oh, and i forgot to mention... so we are running out the door Sunday night to get to the emergency room and he tells me to get him another shirt. I run in not questioning this, and on the way over there it dawns on me that the shirt he was wearing was perfectly fine. so when i ask what the shirt was for, he tells me, "Well I'm wearing a Superman shirt. I didn't want people teasing me and saying, Hey Superman what happened to your hand???" Even with his finger hanging off, he is still thinking like this. Only Alex.

by the way, he is totally cleaning up in the treats department. He got brownies and some yummy chocolate muffins from his sisters and niece. can you believe it?
my poor baby, i'll have to make him some yummy meals and treats after he has his surgery.

I'll update you all on his progress tomorrow evening after the surgery.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Love to you all,
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  1. Celeste Says:

    YOWZERS and OUCH!!! Maybe if he would have worn his superman shirt... who knows?!?! haha,But then again, maybe it was a bad luck shirt. Now he needs a Spidey shirt. Note to self... look for a Spidey shirt for Alex.