up until about a month ago i had no idea what these creatures were, now i think i am more addicted to them than the girls. some brilliant person realized that there is only so much you can do with a stuffed animal, and decided that since we are part of the technology age, may as well make the stuffed animal interactive. thus the webkin. i have to admit that i actually get on the computer when the girls aren't and play their games. they are seriously addictive. bella has totally gotten into it, however, she can't seem to get the point that it is more important to feed the webkin than to have it in the latest styles. poor puppy is sick and starving. it's a good thing it is only in the virtual world and not real or we would have a big problem on our hands.

okay, off to get my free chipotle. in case you didn't know and have one in your area, (check if you aren't near me), chipotle is giving away free burritos, tacos, bowls or salads if you bring in a non perishable food item today. one per item. how cool is that. so dinner is served. although, i hear there is a line around the building. oh well, it is free dinner.

have a great night.
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