so after a conversation with my sister today, i started thinking about what my summer vacation was like as a child. for us, summer vacation wasn't filled with all kinds of fun outings to different places, or scheduled play dates. growing up, my mom was a single parent, so summer time didn't change the fact that she still had to go to work everyday. when we were really small we used to go to my grandparents house everyday while she was at work, and our summer day consisted of looking at the "specials", going shopping for groceries, hanging out at home, creating something in the backyard with grandpa, walking to the bakery for fresh baked Mexican sweet bread, and going to the park (Ascarate), well, kind of the park, and feeding the ducks. we were content. we didn't need anything more. as we got older, not much older, we stayed at home and did chores, hung out, played, got into trouble (broke a huge, huge window while playing baseball in the house, and watched tv.

now fast forward to the present. my girls wake up in the morning, and belle asks me, "Mommy, what are we going to do today? Mommy are we going to go to somewhere fun today? Mommy, when can we go to Sea World?" seriously, where do they get this from? they have no idea how lucky they are that they get to stay home with their mommy, and not go to a daycare. we play, do crafts, go to the park, have play dates, go shopping, go to the movies. amazing how times have changed. we look for things to entertain them with during the summer, rather than them entertaining themselves. honestly, there are times when i almost feel guilty. Like i should be doing something more fun with them. is that silly?

anyway, i am off to make some dinner for my hubby. long, long week at work, and looks to be the same this weekend. poor thing.

have a good friday night... maybe a movie night??? hmm that's an idea.

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  1. Celeste Says:

    So... have you gone to SeaWorld yet?! haha

  2. So I'm so sad that we've lost the simple life somewhere along the way. I agree. I had no entertainment as a kid growing up but am jam packing my kids days. I don't know where it was all lost but I don't like it:(