so as i said i have been busy with some projects lately... some for me, and some for others. anyway i FINALLY finished painting our bedroom. this took me forever. it was a major A__ beating. Now i just need to put up some decorations, with Alex's help, and i am getting this awesome leather chair from my friend Pippin, which will go next to the bed, and we should be good to go. then i have been sewing some window treatments for my kitchen and powder bath. Here is a photo of the kitchen valance. I got the fabric for super cheap and it cost me about $30 to do the treatment including the rod. I will post pics of the powder bath once that treatment is complete and up. Then Pippin and I painted the island in my kitchen black. This picture doesn't look right, but at least you get the idea. I love it, but I wasn't so sure what Alex would think since he was out of town when we did it... well, he loved it too. I think he was surprised at how nice it looked. Now I am painting a bookshelf which will find a new home in the girls' room, and then doing some other random projects. more updates to follow.

on the "finger" front, things are healing well, but slowly. alex will be getting the pin removed in about 3 weeks, and then hopefully things will be a little easier for him. it is amazing how a finger injury can really slow you down. he has lots of projects in the works. the major thing right now is to move the fence in our backyard (don't know if i've mentioned that before.) this will make the yard much larger. he also is planning on making some shelves and cabinets for the garage. it will be nice to finally have that organized.

we are in the countdown phase as far as school goes. it seems like just yesterday we were in the end of the year countdown phase... wow!!! how time flies. the girls are super excited about going back, although tori is a little apprehensive about having a new teacher. i am already saying my prayers that things go well. now i need to start getting them back on their school schedules so that they aren't shocked when bed time is moved up by about two hours. wow that may actually mean some me and us time again. we have had a great summer though. lots of play, lots of movies, lots of projects... bella's latest thing is, "mom, lets have a girlie day of scrapbooking, projects, and togetherness." whose footsteps is she following in?

okay, i am off to paint some more. stay cool and indoors. boy is it getting hot out there.

have a great day.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    YOWZERS!! I'm already back at work and definitly not really ready (ok, wel, maybe a little bit, but DEFINITELY not all the way ready). I get kids next Tuesday. Not so sure I'm ready for that.

  2. Your projects, I love them. The island looks awesome. Can you believe school starts in two weeks. Can I start crying now?