so we have been preparing for school for a few weeks now. shopping for lunchboxes, backpacks, clothes, etc. So my Belle is so ready and excited for school tomorrow. Can you tell???

Anywhoo, in other news, Alex was Handy Manny this weekend. He got the pin taken out of his finger on Friday, and I am happy to announce that he is doing awesome. So he decided to take down the fence and enclose the driveway, since he had been planning on doing it at the beginning of the summer. And he had a lot of help. Bella was his little helper. Our backyard is fabulous. It is twice the size it was before and now the girls can ride their bikes, skate, or ride their scooters and I don't have to worry about them wanting to be in the front yard. Take a look.

And the final results...

What do you think??? We love it. The girls are so excited. Okay, I am off to make some food. Have a great day.


NOTE: I didn't get to post this until Monday morning due to computer issues.
3 Responses
  1. Forecast Says:

    It's gargantuous. I'm jealous. I'm pretty sure I made up that g word or else spelled it really wrong.

  2. Celeste Says:

    seriously?? 7:40?? isn't the sun still up then?!?

  3. Liz Says:

    Debbie, it looks AWESOME! Alex did GREAT!