we woke up BRIGHT and EARLY this morning... 5:45 to be exact. Bella came bounding down the stairs completely dressed and raring to go. She had even made her bed and kept asking me, "Mom, do I look alright? How much longer till we leave?" Just a bit excited. So we were ready and out the door earlier than we normally would be, and wouldn't you know it, the school parking lot was already completely packed and the halls were crazy. the usual first day of school mayhem. i have to admit, that the smell of fresh school supplies, first day outfits, new backpacks, and the smiles on all the children's faces makes me a little nostalgic for teaching. I love all the creativity that the teachers have used to make the children want to go into the classroom and learn. Belle's class is so cute. her new teacher was her student teacher last year, and almost her entire class looped to this new class. this, as you can imagine, made the transition so much easier. I wasn't as apprehensive about leaving my little one as I was last year. last year i didn't want to go anywhere for about the first week for fear that they would call me and I would have to run back to get her. this time, she went straight in and actually started hugging some of her friends, and got right back into the groove. Quite an interesting dynamic. So at the end of the day, when asked how her day went, she said, "First grade is the best." I'm sure her teacher will be glad to hear that. She came home and wanted to help me with things around the house, and has been in such a good mood ever since. She is growing up quickly. Where has the time gone?

Needless to say my little ones hit the hay pretty early tonight. Looks like we all need to get back on a schedule. Mommy needs some sleep too.

Have a great evening.
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  1. Forecast Says:

    She's so cute. I'm feeling sleep deprived with all this school starting business. I can't wait for the weekend!