we were really nervous about our little tori starting school this year. last year didn't begin so well, since it was really the first time that she had been away from me. so needless to say, the first few weeks were rough with tori crying and screaming every time I would leave her at school. i was particularly nervous since her closest friends would be in a different class, so her comfort factor was really low. well, to my surprise, she did really well her first day. there was a little hesitation at home and she even mentioned that she felt it would be better if she just stayed at home with me, but in the end, all went well.
of course she had to wear her new "purple" dress to school... her signature color. she looks so big to me now. where has the time gone?
at the end of the day, she was so excited about her new class, although she was totally exhausted. time to get back to our routine again. i really have to enjoy this year with her, since all too soon she we will be off to school five days a week. i wish i could just keep her little forever, but i guess there is no point wishing that is there? oh well, i'll just have to take in every moment of her last year in preschool.

have a good night.
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  1. em Says:

    Hey, Tori looks SO cute in her little purple dress!! Tell her good luck in preschool for me, okay?

    Love ya lots!