made the best empanadas last night. my sister gave me a recipe that she got from Food Network's Paula Dean... i love that woman, even though i can literally feel my arteries hardening when i watch her cook, but she just makes all her food look so yummy. anyway, back to the empanadas... they were AWESOME!!! easy, good, and they reheat perfectly. had them for lunch with my sister today. perfect, perfect.

went to see my niece Ale play vollyball tonight. so fun. (Ale you did GREAT!!!) i kind of miss that time of life. nothing to really worry about aside from homework. but, wow what a wake up call, to see teenie boppers holding hands, kissing, flirting. not a good thing to see when you have little girls. made me feel totally old that i kept wanting to go and split up the little couple and give the girl a talking to. and if that wasn't enough, i'm sitting there talking with my sister in love and i look down and see one of the opposing team's players leaning a little too far forward and her t-back sticking out the top of her pants. SERIOUSLY... T BACK at 12 or 13. What are those parents thinking????? thank God my little ones didn't notice that one.

I think i've got my creative groove back. helped my sis made the CUTEST apron ever. Super easy and made it with left over fabric. the perfect way to use up scraps. i'll post a picture later. i'm thinking i may have to make some more of these.

belle has a nocturnal parade tomorrow. i have been busily sewing away to make her costume. she is to be a very cute bat. too bad a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader isn't considered nocturnal or we would have been all set.

my poor hubby is voiceless... for about a week now he has been silent. well, not completely. i actually think that is the problem. he keeps trying to talk, or yell rather, over the machines at the plant. thus not letting his voice recover. that added to the fact that he is exhausted, adds up to no voice and lots of hot tea. i can hardly wait until Thanksgiving when all of this is behind us and we can finally see each other and relax. the girls of course are none too happy about the fact that daddy has been absent so much lately. tori called him the other day and said, "Daddy I was just calling to invite you to my birthday party okay?" a little strange considering her bday isn't until next summer. silly girl.

Okay, i am off to put my girls to sleep. they had to have a snack after the game you know. then i am off to watch Grey's. I am really hoping that they are getting some nasty emails about how stupid they are making Meredith. Lets all breathe in and breathe out and count to ten every time she acts like an ass, and pray that McDreamy holds on.

Have a good night.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    hahaha!!ok, i will give you a LITTLE cresdit for working on it and changing your background.... but you know what i was looking for!!! LMAO!!