i really have been so bad at keeping up with this. i have one project after another and have just been soooo busy, that i haven't had the chance to spend much time on the computer. i have lots of different pictures and tidbits...

so we had a great time halloween night trick or treating with the cousins. the girls had planned their costumes out way in advance and just needed mommy to get the move on with the sewing, (which meant I got to get a new sewing machine...FINALLY!!! thanks for the loan Marie.) so i got to work on tori's Little Mermaid costume. she really wanted to buy one we saw at Target, but I honestly couldn't bring myself to pay $24 for something i knew would tear after only a few uses. so i went in search of a cute way to make a mermaid costume. the internet wasn't very helpful, so I just kind of winged it since i really hate using patterns. she loved it, and i think she looked totally cute. we broke out the Ariel wig the night before halloween for a dress rehearsal, (it had been in hiding since Tori was caring it around so much it was becoming a rats nest). in the end they were so cute. I did insist that Belle wear a tshirt and leggings under her cheerleader costume, since there was just a little too much showing for my taste. she kept telling me, "but mama, the ones on tv don't wear tshirts and leggings." my response,"well you do." and the subject is closed.

i also had to make a simple bat costume for Belle's nocturnal parade at school. the entire grade level was studying nocturnal animals and at the close of the unit, they all dressed up in their favorite nocturnal animal and paraded down the halls. then we all convened in the cafeteria for a presentation on nocturnal facts. i wish my camera had taken better pictures of them on stage, but these will just have to do.

So i have lots more to share including some pages that i got to scrap and some other random stuff, but I have to go bathe a little one who found it necessary to roll around in the leaves and is now itchy, blotchy and coughing. looks like it may be a long night.

i will update again tomorrow... I PROMISE!!! (Celeste, I hope this appeases the blog gods.) ha, ha!!

have a good evening.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! I am so excited to FINALLY see the halloween pictures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I wish I could have seen them in person that night. So, I am thinking that you should have made it a happy medium for Izzy. made her outfit a tiny bit more covering and then she wouldn't have had to wear her other clothes.... but that's just me.... the non child having, non sewing type of cousin!! I LOVE IT THOUGH!! Thanks!! See you next week!!