so i finally got to crop this weekend since last May.  it has been forever, and really, i just didn't want to.  i have all these pictures that i've taken, but i just couldn't find the inspiration to get them down and in the album.  luckily, my friend Rainie invited me to go crop, and i may just have to credit her with getting my creativeness back.  now i want to start scrapbooking some more.  i guess i just need that little kick start to get me going.  here are some of my latest layouts...eggs to dye for 2

Eggs to dye for

lets go fly a kite  tori's first day

it's hard to believe that there are only about 4 weeks until Christmas.  where did the time go?  luckily, i have gotten a major jumpstart on my shopping, and am happy to report that i am just about done.  woohoo!!! this is huge since normally i am running around up until the last week trying to get last minute gifts. 

oh and speaking of gifts, my sister has gone on a Wii trip.  she has gone nuts and is buying them and making a profit by selling them on Ebay.  now i have to figure out a way to convince Alex that we need one of these.  i think they would be super fun to have.  what a great family night we could have playing games with that puppy. 

i saw this on another blog and just had to do it...okay, so my ultimate wish list for xmas and bday since it is coming up...uugghh!!!  (and for the record, i am and forever will be 29, no matter what my driver's licence currently says. )  okay now that i've got that off my chest, here goes.

1. Nikon digital camera (w/interchangeable lenses)

2. Cricut die cutting machine

3. new desk for my craft room

4. blackberry (not that i need it but i just think they are so cool.)

5. new car... just kidding, like i would get that as a gift.  (that will be in our near future though)


Okay, i am off to do more laundry, make some dinner, and get my girls ready for bed. 

Have a great evening.


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  1. Celeste Says:

    ummmm... i KNOW your real age!! ;)