everything about it is so appealing to me. the colors, the smell of burning wood, the crisp, clean air in the morning. i love the look of pumpkins in the yard and fallen leaves (although our yard is getting a little to "leafish" for my taste.) so we have all these pumpkins, and normally i just like having them to grace our from entry with our homemade scarecrow and wreath. well, i kept promising the girls we'd carve a pumpkin, which really means mommy will carve one while you guys just watch and then bail on me when it gets boring. so since i was completely sicko the week before halloween and completely dropped the ball on the carving experience, i figured we could still do one for thanksgiving. so we did, and just as i predicted, they bailed on me. now i have to admit that this was my first official carved pumpkin. i'm just not big on the whole gooky inner slimy thing. gook and me just don't mix, but i promised. so for my first time, i guess it was okay. but along with the whole gooky experience comes the fact that once you cut it, it starts to spoil and stink. GROSS!!! note to self: buy the fake ones from Michael's to carve next year.

so part of my many projects was to help my sis with an apron for her MOPS group. wasn't quite sure what i was going to do with the basic canvas apron, but i figured that all the stuff i have accumulated (stamps, fabric scraps, buttons, etc.) had to come in handy at some time. well it finally happened. and look what the final result was. pretty cute if i do say so myself. I think i may need to make some more of these little numbers. MORE PROJECTS!!!

on the tori funny front, apparently i am now stairs... HUH??? she wakes up this morning and tells me about this dream that she had, which i didn't quite get, but i suddenly was paying attention to the part where i turned into the stairs. not quite sure how or why that happened in the dream, but she was very freaked out. Stairs? Seriously??? i don't think i ever dreamed of stairs. although there were quite a few dreams about shopping naked, or in a bed. literally going down isles in my bed. how random is that. i also dreamed a lot about flying, but i have a feeling that if Superman flew like i did in my dreams he wouldn't have been so hunky. mine was more like a frog crawl in water. very strange.

okay, now that my totally random thoughts have come to an end, i am off to watch Amazing Race. Woohoo!!! FINALLY. Oh, and totally forgot to mention we went to see HAIRSPRAY today. LOVED IT!!!! such a fun movie. gotta go see it.

have a great evening.
2 Responses
  1. Celeste Says:

    is this SERIOUSLY the first pumpkin you have ever carved?? and you were a teacher?!? cripes!! even my non-crafty, non-child having self has carved a pumpkin!! that just goes to show where your girls get their "girliness" from!!! ;)

  2. Forecast Says:

    Okay how do people carve such cute pumpkins. I can't do it. We totally missed out on carving for Halloween but that's such a cute idea for Thanksgiving.