what a great movie. first i love Katherine Heigel...aka Izzi Stevens from Grey's. she is so hilarious on that show and she is just as funny in this movie. i think what i like most about her, is that she looks real. so many of the celebrities that you see look like they starve themselves, and they just don't look healthy, but she looks real. she isn't skinny, but not fat either. you know what i mean. anyway, such a cute movie. a great girlfriend movie, which is how i got to see it, with my great friend Maret. what a treat it was to go see a good chick flick, since i normally see superheroes or kids movies.

i also went to work out this morning with my sister in love at Lifetime. had fun, and felt really energized afterward. i am definitely going to do that more often. i am finally getting on with my new years resolutions. so far so good. i have also been finishing off some projects that i had on the back burner... namely, my friend Pippin's sewing projects. I finished up some pillows, a bed skirt, and added a fun touch to her daughter's curtains. her mother in law made her daughter's quilts to go on their beds (looooovvvveeee them!!!) and i just did some extras to finish up the look. what do you think??? next on my "to do list" is to recover the dining room chairs with this gorgeous fabric my friend Rainie gave me and to continue painting the kitchen cabinets. I'm definitely on the decorating and project mood...can you tell? lets hope it lasts.

okay i'm off to watch some t.v. under the covers with Alex since he made it home relatively early today. it is suppose to get really cold here, and there are even winter storm warnings out. maybe they'll cancel school tomorrow. but that would mean we would have to make up the day. never mind, don't want that to happen. scratch that.

have a good evening.
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