i love my fair share of reality tv... don't get me wrong. in fact if you ask Alex, i watch way too much tv. which, i have to admit, he is right about. but there are so many things that peak my interest. i guess that is why i know so much useless information, and if you put me on one of these game shows i would totally clean up. chaching!!! but i honestly wonder sometimes about the people that are agreeing to go on these gameshows. for example, the newest one this week isMoment of Truth. it is basically a lie detector test broadcast to millions of people across the country, and a one way ticket to destroying your relationships. they ask you questions, most of which are really embarrassing or are really stand ins for the blade to slit your wrists with, and a nice little voice tells America whether you are telling the truth or lying. Who does this??? Who willingly goes on a show and admits that he has done something in the last month that would cause his wife not to trust him? Who admits that he has been putting off having kids with his wife because he doesn't see being with her forever... while his wife is sitting a few feet away??? WHO??? all for the sake of money? money that seems to drive us all.

seeing this just compounded my faith in my husband. since our little ones will both be in school next year full time, i threw out the possibility of me going back to teaching for a while. we had discussed this possibility a few years ago so that we could save up my salary and have some extra money. well, when i brought this up, my husband said, "no, i don't want you to go back?" HUH???? he said we didn't need to do that, and really all that would do is make us spend more money. it was the whole "make more money, spend more money" belief... which i have to admit is probably true. not that i want to go back to work, but i also would like to help out. so here i am offering to go back to work, and my husband says "no", while "stupid guy with the gorgeous wife" is totally blowing it for himself on national tv, and all for money. i guess we know where his priorities stand. so now, i have to figure out another way to make some money. a fun way. a creative way. any ideas?

it's cold here... real cold, and rainy, and gloomy. the kind of weather that makes you want to climb back under the covers and watch a movie. but no, i won't do that. instead, i am going to organize my mess of a craft room closet. lets see how that turns out. i think i need to get this new magazine to give me some inspiration. i love, love, love this magazine. great ideas, and shows you how to do it on a budget best of all.

okay, i'm off to start working on a project. stay warm.

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  1. Celeste Says:

    the answer to your question is.... wait for it.... MONEY HUNGRY FREAKS!! ok, so now onto your other questions... you are super crafty, surely you could look into maybe working like at a decorator place or something part time, perhaps. OR HERE'S THE BEST IDEA OF THEM ALL.... come fix up my house!!! I'd go with that one, i i were you!! hahaha. ok. so that's all. and YAY for comments being back!

  2. Celeste Says:

    i am the solver of all problems, i tell ya!! :)