this little puppy is on its way to me as we speak. i'm so excited. now i won't have to carry around my planner around with me. my calendar can now be uploaded onto this. woohoo!!! can't wait.

so i got to see another chick flick today. imagine, me, two chick flicks in one month... totally unheard of. so Maret and i went to see Mad Money. I had heard that it was awful, but it was actually pretty good. all was going well until i got hit in the head by my trunk door. it is super, super windy here and the wind actually pushed the door down onto my head. i literally felt like i was going to pass out for a bit. and i got that awful smell... do you know what i'm talking about? there is a smell that you get when you hit yourself really hard, or water gets in your nose. anyway, needless to say i have a big bump on my head and a bit of a headache. damn wind!!!

on the garage front, we've gotten a couple of quotes for the wooden doors. one was like $5000, which at the time we thought was outrageous. then today i get a quote from Sears and theirs was over $12,000... FOR A GARAGE DOOR??? are you friggin kidding me???? so we are looking at our options right now. since we have a Vegas trip and an Orlando trip in our future I don't think we will need Sear's services at the moment.

okay, i'm off to make the girls some food. have a great evening, and hold on to your hat if you're going outside cause the wind is pretty fierce.

2 Responses
  1. Celeste Says:

    OF COURSE you would get hit by the trunk.... because that would only happen to you!!! good god!!

  2. Celeste Says:

    one more day until you can officially use your new gadget!!