so i got my new phone and i love it, love it, love it!!! it has so many cool features, and i have to admit that right now one of my favorites is the "bubble breaker" game that it came with. that is the best way to pass the time as i am waiting for the girls to get out of school. it is actually quite addicting really, so i have to be careful with that. speaking of addicting, am i the only one who has noticed how many people are checking themselves into rehab. i guess heath ledger scared the crap out of people and they are realizing they need some help.

anywhoo, i got some plastic baskets that i read about on this blog. i found them at walmart for about $4, and they fit perfectly into the square wire cubes that you can get at target. i have these in the craft room closet. i thought these would be perfect for stamps, idea magazines, ribbon, and an all around craft box for the girls. now all they have to do is pull out the craft box from the closet and all they need is right there. this has also given me the chance to throw out a lot of stuff that i just really don't use and don't need. i feel a spring cleaning (purging) in the works.

so we totally dodged a huge bullet this week. those awful storms that hit arkansas, tennessee, mississippi and alabama, actually started in our area. there was a pretty scary storm brewing tuesday afternoon when i went to pick up tori, and it looks like it was that storm that dropped the twisters in arkansas. i am totally not looking forward to the spring time here, since it looks like it may be pretty active. i think i may be asking for a weather radio for my birthday.

ah, my birthday... so since i refuse to go anywhere past 29, i will celebrate my 29th for the 7th year this year, and i totally am seeing some Banana Leaf in my future. just the thought of their spring rolls...mmmmmmmmm!!! so i am going to totally be milking my birthday month for the next few weeks. i'm hoping i can convince alex to take a tuesday or thursday off so that we can go to the movies while the girls are at school, and since it is MY BIRTHDAY MONTH... we will be seeing a chick flick which i normally only see on video or with my girlfriends. hmmmm, what will i choose...?

so tomorrow, we begin the continuing project of the kitchen cabinets. i am set and so excited. i just want to get it done. i am in the mood for a change. and my inspiration must be rubbing off because i have convinced my sister to paint her cabinets black too. i can't wait to see how those come out. i think i want one of those paint swatch thingies from the paint store. you know the ones that have all the different paint colors neatly put together. maybe it will inspire me to get a move on with the other rooms. i just have so much trouble choosing colors at the paint store when i can't picture the color up against my furniture. i may have to look into one of those things.

okay, i am off to give my belle a breathing treatment (she has asthma again... this darn weather), and then it is off to bed for them, and the new Survivor for me. woohoo!!!


oh, almost forgot to congratulate my niece Ale... she scored 6 baskets during her game tonight. so proud of you Ale!!!
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