so Alex and i were talking the other day about something he heard on the radio. the dj was talking about how doctors have found that a woman loses a lot of her memory after she has kids. i mentioned to him that i lost major brain cells with the birth of each of the girls. when we first got married i was sharp as a tack. i never forgot anything... not so much anymore. oh i still know lots of useless information, but its the day to day things that i forget. a list of to do items, literally needs to be written down or i will forget... sometimes i just forget the written list all together. and i find that i do the goofiest things sometimes. i will be washing the dishes and i will see a towel that needs to be put in the laundry so i walk to the laundry room to put it in the washing machine and remember there are towels in the dryer to be folded. i take the towels out and carry them to the den and begin to fold. i take the towels to the bathroom and find that the mirror needs to be cleaned, and proceed to clean the rest of the bathroom. when i'm done, i return to the kitchen to find the dishwasher open, the trashcan pulled out and dishes still in the sink. i get side tracked really easily and totally forget to finish what i first started. that is called LOSS OF BRAIN CELLS. lately i've been watching John and Kate plus 8, and i explained to alex that it makes me feel better because i know she has lost more brain cells than i have with 8 kids.

so i have finally continued the process of painting the kitchen cabinets, and i have to say they are looking FABULOUS!!! I can hardly wait to finish. I have been doing a section a day, and am almost done with all of the cabinets on the bottom part of the kitchen. I have to admit that i am not exactly looking forward to doing the top section and standing on a ladder in the kitchen, but you do what you gotta do. I will post pics when the transformation is complete.

now that the holidays are over, i am also in the process of planning our vacations this summer. this will be the first major family vacation we have taken since we have had the girls. my dad has been telling us for the last couple of years that we NEED to get down to visit them in Orlando. the major bonus is that he works for one of the Disney resorts and as an employee he can get us into all the theme parks for free. FOR FREE people!!! how awesome is that. so really all we have to worry about is plane tickets, which i am currently in search of. the girls are totally pumped about it all and tori keeps asking if she can sleep over at Cinderella's castle... ummmm? NO!!! apparently it is way, way, way expensive to do that. but we can visit. the cutest part is that every time we see a commercial for Disney World the girls both yell,"Look mama, that's where grandpa works, and we're going for free." Belle especially seems to have an obsession about the whole thing and is constantly asking,"Mom, so grandpa gets us in for free?" "Yes Belle". "For free?" "Yes Belle." i don't get it.

okay, i'm off to prepare lunches and backpacks for tomorrow. Night, night, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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  1. Celeste Says:

    ok, so a couple of things....
    1. i'm not sure i'd ever described you as sharp as a tack.... i've known you about as long as you've known yourself and that is not a phrase i would have ever used.
    2. i, too, have been watching John and Kate+8 .... and OMG!!! THAT IS JUST SHEER CRAZINESS. i know i would be a controlling bitch too, if that were me!!
    3. tell your dad that I AM THE DISNEY FREAK OF THE FAMILY!!! what about me?!?!?! just because he has forgotten about me DOES NOT relieve him of his godfatherly duties!!! sigh