things are somewhat settling down around here. we got back from our trip to Vegas on Sunday, and honestly, i think i needed a few days to recover from it all. I really think i am getting old, because i just can't hang anymore. it was fun though, and it was nice to have some alone time with Alex, but oh, how we missed the girls. they, on the other hand had a blast. it was one long slumber party with their cousins, Tia Nini and Abue. I have pictures to post but the camera needs to be charged, so i will post them this afternoon.

this will be a quick one as we are in celebration mode here. my Belle is 7 today... wow, amazing how time flies. it is her day, so we are going to be quite busy today. I will post pics, lots of pics, this afternoon.

and as you can tell, the blog is going through a face lift again. can't quite decide what i'm wanting to do, but we're trying out the yellow polka dots out for size. what do you think?

okay, i'm off. have a great day.
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