So we had a great day today. Full of activities, and one happy birthday girl. So we started our day with a matinee movie. Seriously, with gas prices the way they are, we need to take any shortcut we can. We got together with our cousins and aunt and went to see Kung Fu Panda. Way cute movie. I love movies that teach a moral lesson... and this one was all about self confidence. It was funny, cute, and the girls really enjoyed it. Then we were off to grab some lunch and have a picnic at the park. The girls really wanted to play on the swings, and it was a relatively nice day for it. Finally, we met Alex for dinner after he got off of work...Belle's choice...DICKEY'S. Don't ask me why, but hey, at least it wasn't McDonald's. We've been enjoying shows and crafts since we got home. Fun, fun.

Okay, so back to the Vegas trip. Our reason for going was to attend my cousin Ivy's wedding. I haven't been to Vegas since I was a child, and boy has it changed. After spending a few days there, I have come to the conclusion that anyone who takes their children there on vacation is delusional. There are just way too many inappropriate things there on every corner. I have also come to the conclusion that I am getting old. There were so many things that we saw or witnessed that just blew my mind. I guess I am pretty sheltered living in the suburbs. We saw a few transvestites, a couple of prostitutes, way too many women who squeezed themselves into the wrong sized clothes (seriously people, i doubt these women had heard of a girdle), and some very intoxicated people.

But I have to say that it was nice having some alone time with Alex. We got to go see a great Cirque de Soleil show called Ka. Wow, it was amazing. We also did a little gambling, which in the end won us about $100. My mom, did great on the slots, and won about $700. As for the wedding, it was so nice. It was great to see my cousin so happy, and it was really nice to see so many people i hadn't seen in a really long time. I have to admit though, I was exhausted after returning home. I needed a full day to recover. Anyway, it was a nice vacation. Just enough time now to recover before we get ready to go to Disney. The girls can't wait.

Oh, and finally, here is a pic of my new desk that Alex made me. I LOVE IT!!! He made exactly what i wanted. Now I have storage and plenty of work space.

okay, have a great evening.
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