So eleven years ago today, I married the love of my life. Wow, eleven years already. It has gone by in the blink of an eye. Looking back at our wedding, it was beautiful, elaborate, and exactly what I had always wanted. I only really remember bits and pieces of it, as it seems like it went by in flash. I think I may have danced with Alex twice all night and then it was over. But what made it so memorable was that we had family involved in every aspect. From the bridesmaid dresses (which my sis in love made), to the cake (made by my mom in love), to the decorations (mom helped a lot with this and our house was in a state of chaos for about a month), my sister and sisters in love and their families in our wedding, to my sister standing by me as my maid of honor on the most important day of my life.

So how did we get to 11 years, or rather 16 if you include the 5 years of dating? Well, in a word FATE. I totally believe in it. We met in of all places Juarez, Mx. Totally the wrong way to meet the guy you are destined to marry, but nevertheless, when fate decides to step in, you never know when you're going to get shot with that arrow. So I was totally going through the "guys are jerks and I don't want to go out" stage. My cousin and good friend Terry dragged me out on the pretense that we were celebrating my friend's bday. When I say dragged, I am not exagerating. They literally had to pick out clothes and force me to go out. At the very same time, Alex was going to Juarez with friends but really didn't want to go either. So there we are, two people totally not wanting to be in this random bar in Juarez, when out of nowhere, FATE steps in... in the form of our mutual friend Terry. (Thank God for Terry!!!) I was standing against a wall with a total crap face on, when she waves me over. She introduced us, and after deserting me with his goofy friend for what seemed like an eternity, Alex returned to rescue me. His excuse for ditching me for a bit, he wanted to give his friend a chance. As if??? So in the end, I got the guy, and the rest is history.

All of that aside, I am married to a wonderful man who loves me and is a wonderful husband, father and provider. I think back to all the things I looked for in a man, and what I wanted in a husband, and they are all the things that define Alex. He is funny, loving, hard working, dependable, playful, caring, strong, supportive, trusting, and true. These eleven years have brought us so much, and when I imagine our future, its just as we are today. Playful, silly, loving... but just with a few more wrinkles. How much better could it get?

Have a great evening.

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