when we were little, my dad and step mom used to take us to this thrift shop that was just filled to the brim with "stuff". i loved this place. I used to walk up and down the isles looking at all the items that someone had passed down, or tossed out and i imagined the storied behind them. Now that I'm older, i love going to thrift shops in search of those treasures that I can somehow turn into something beautiful for my home. These random items along with some inexpensive items from craft stores or discount stores basically make up our home. Part of the love in searching for these things is the thrill in knowing that I made something super cool, for way cheaper that I could have bought it for. Or, I have created something unique that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere.

So the last few months, I've been itching to get back out there to find these treasures. Here are some of them and where they are in our home.

shortly after the tornado hit our area, our neighborhood had a garage sale, and this lamp just wanted to come home with me. it cost me all of $5 and now has a permanent home in the main office of our house (please ignore the blue ethernet cable hanging... it is going to be put into the attic).

Right before school let out, i went garage saleing (is that a word?) with my sister in this really nice area by her house. We found this really nice rug for $35. I totally beat her the the punch and ended up taking it home to place here...

it is perfect with the rest of the colors in the room.

okay, now remember these frames from a while back. They cost me all of like $.50. Well here they are now...

I added a piece of black scrapbook paper and then hot glued a silver cross onto that and voila... instant art that has found a home on my kitchen counter.

I had seen this idea on the Nester's blog and thought it was cute. I got Bella to draw me a picture of what she thought our house looked like from outside. Then I simply framed it. It now sits on the buffet in our dining room.

Here is my latest find from the Goodwill. They have some great stuff if you take the time to look. They actually had several of these pillows, and they still had the tags on them. Apparently Target donates stuff that they clearance out to the Goodwill. I got them for a steal at $4 each. They now have a home here...

I have lots more to show you, but it is getting late and Alex is on his way home. yes, it is our anniversary and he had to work today. it sucks i know, but didn't i say he was a hard worker. i will have more pictures to share tomorrow.

have a great night.
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  1. Lacy Says:

    Hey again! Just found your blog and I am loving your ideas. I love your banister and I really love the bargin pillows!!