so our entry way has always bothered me. I couldn't figure out what to do with it. is had topiaries, a great big pot with a floral arrangement, etc., but nothing that I loved. about a two months ago, while shopping for a client, i found these black 10x10 frames. I needed some frames for the entry, so they got to come home with me. In my mind i wanted some sort of a table for the entry way where I could put a lamp to bring some light into that area at night. the problem is that the french doors which lead to the play room are REALLY wide, which doesn't leave me a lot of room to put a table... or at least not a very wide table. So i went shopping... in my house. This is the best kind. I took a table from our media room that wasn't really being used and brought it down for a look. After painting it, adding one of my thrift store finds (the lamp), a framed family photo and a candle, the look was almost complete.

then i tackled the walls with my super cheap (4.99 at Gardenridge) frames. I didn't want to put more family pics in these. I wanted art, specifically butterfly, dragonfly or bee artwork. so, i went online and found pictures of vintage butterflies and dragonflies from old encyclopedias. i resized them in photoshop (thank goodness for this program), and printed them out. I place them in my cheapo frames and voila... instant, inexpensive, art. what do you think???

then to finish off the look, i created a window mistreatment to cover the two windows on either side of the door. what is a mistreatment you ask? well, thanks to the Nester (check out The Nesting Place in my favorite blogs area), it is a window treatment that is not perfect, and that basically is put up using short cuts. Not professional at all, so don't look to close. How is mine a mistreatment??? well, you can't see it from far away, but those rings at the top are hanging from cup hooks. but hey, they're white so you can't really see them anyway.

so there you go, a finished entry way. I could go for an area rug there also, but I haven't found one yet during my bargain shopping. but i hear that if you build it, it will come. well... i'm waiting.

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  1. Kimba Says:

    Oh my goodness! I love everything you did in this post. The pictures were a great idea! I'm going to have to try and find some pictures like that. And the mistreatments beside the door are great! They make it all look so much more substantial.