Came out on ET tonight... here it is for those who didn't see it. I am counting the days until it comes out.

Still trying to finish off some projects in my studio, but I need Alex's help on these so I'm still not done. I did manage to find some awesome bargains at Gardenridge. it is amazing what you can find in the damaged section. I got a huge matted frame (glass is missing, but really who needs glass) that is perfect for our family picture. I did break the bank for that one though and spent a whopping $3. My jaw dropped when the cashier scanned it. My sister got some frames also that were still wrapped in plastic and really didn't seem to have anything wrong with them for $3 also. And we got a super cool huge silver frame with the mat that we are going to transform into something fabulous for my niece's room. I'll post pics when that is done.

Okay, I'm off to soak in a bath and read. Ahhh Calgon take me away.

Have a great evening.
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  1. Susie Harris Says:

    I love what you did with those frames... I need to do that instead of spending a small fortune on them like I did last time... Take care! Susie h~