I am starting to get the Halloween decorating bug. I have seen several stores with the decor for Thanksgiving and Christmas up, but I keep thinking, "Hey, what happened to Halloween?" After visiting some blogs and seeing the vintage Halloween look using banners, and cloches, and lots of unusual items, the wheels in my head are turning. So here are some pictures of some fun ideas I've found online.

Angela at Cottage Magpie gives us a tutorial on making a "Boo" Garland. Check it out. Soooo easy.

Jen at The Cottage Nest has some great ideas for decorating your mantle for the Hollowed Day. Check out her blog for some fun ideas.

Susie over at Bienvenue made this awesome tree with some spooky black birds in it. I'm definitely going to making this. And the best part, is the birds were found at the Dollar Tree. Go check out her other great ideas.

Paula over at Olivers made these fun skeleton candle holders. Elegant and fun. She also has amazing ideas that you just need to check out.

How about this idea for your front door area. It is from Lemon Annie's Blog. I want to make some of these for each side of my front door. I just want them to be faux pumpkins so I don't have to buy new ones each year.

Bella also has a fun idea using a thrift found tin bucket, feathers and pumpkins. Check her out.

I have a couple of Halloween decor projects that I'm working on, so I'll post them when I'm done.

Do you have some Halloween ideas you want to share. Let me know, and we'll do a part Deux to this idea fest.

Have a great day.
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11 Responses
  1. I love Halloween! Unfortunately it's still hot in Nor Cal for no pumpkins for me yet! :( People will think I'm nuts! ;)

    Glad I found your blog! Great stuff!

  2. Marie Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see what so many of you talented bloggers do in the way of decorating for fall. I'm not a big season decorator, so I hope I am inspired to do something this year!

  3. These are wonderful, thank you for bringing them all together!!!

  4. Oooh, thanks for all the great ideas! I am heading out for some shopping today and might need to get some faux pumpkins for that topiary! Thanks!

  5. Oliver's Says:

    Great blog! You have found some great ideas...I love the BOO banner! I will attempt that one for sure, Paula

  6. Hi Deb, I was enjoying all of these pics and projects...and then was so surprised to see my black planter/feather pumpkin thingee featured, too!

    Wow, thanks!!! :)

    I am going to visit all of the links that you listed, thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!


  7. Shannon Says:

    All these ideas are so fun!!! I can't wait to put my fall stuff out. I'm trying to wait until Septmeber but I don't know! :)

  8. 3CHEERS4MOM Says:

    These are all great ideas! I had better get busy and figure out what I'm going to put out this year.
    -Cheers, Amy

  9. duchess Says:

    I'm getting the bug too but I don't usually decorate until at least September. To me, Sept. means fall.
    Maybe I can just get all of my ideas together until then.

  10. What a wonderful post! I'll be sure to check out the links you mentioned. I know my younger daughter would love to make the BOO garland :)

    Speaking of Vampires ... I noticed your Twilight widget. The guy who plays Edward is HOT in the movie preview! lol! ; )

  11. chickadee Says:

    i love fall decor! i think i'm going to get mine out this week.