Since I haven't worked on any projects the last few days, I figured I'd post some pics of my girls' room. About 3 years ago, when we were ready to put Tori into a big girl bed, we decided to move Bella into the same room. She didn't want to sleep alone anymore, and had actually been sleeping on a futon in Tori's nursery for about 4 months. Since Christmas time was just around the corner, we decided to fix their room for them as part of their Christmas. I purchased all the fabric at this great store we have here, and was able to make both comforters, pillow shams, Euro pillows, bed skirts, and the curtain for $150. Alex did the painting, and although a little bold for us at the time, we both loved how it turned out.

I got the shadow boxes for $5 at a local scrapbook store. Perfect for some of their many stuffed animals.

I knew I needed some art in there, and I wanted something that was totally for them; described them, and that they could relate to. So I purchased some stretched canvas frames, and decided to paint the art for the bedroom myself. They were so proud of it. It is totally childish, but they love it.

And here is my favorite redo... the bulletin board. It awaits some of their pictures, drawings, or any of the other papers that they can never part with.

So there you have it. i am currently in the process of making some of these

to hang in their room. What do you think???

Okay, I'm off to get ready and make something for dinner. I am sooooo excited. I am going with some friends to get the new book from the Twilight series tonight. WOOHOO!!! Can't wait. Can you guess what I'll be doing for the next few days??? It will come in handy on the long, long, long drive to EP.

Okay, have a great day.
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  1. Nikki Says:

    There room is beautiful! Girls rooms are so much fun! I love the art work!

  2. Bella Says:

    You must be so proud of that room, you are so talented and everything you did just came out so beautifully...a perfect place for little girls to lay their heads:)

    Great job, Mom!

    PS: I was the only Bella when I was little, now I hear moms and dads calling "Bella" in the stores and it is soooo weird to me, I always look...and I have sometimes said to them, "My name is Bella" and they just look at me weird, lol;)

  3. Oh. My. Gosh!

    This is SMASHING!! I am totally in love with this room. My daughter is too! Job WELL done!

    And thank you so much for giving me some inspriation on my blog! I cant wait to try out all the ideas and post the final result! :)

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! I especially love the shadow boxes for the stuffed animals. Mind if I link to that in my I Love These Ideas! Sunday column?

  5. Marie Says:

    Did you post this room at HGTV's Rate My Space?? I think I saw it over there when I was searching for ideas for my own daughter's room. I LOVE this room! So feminine and pretty!!

  6. I've featured this idea in my I Love These Ideas! Sunday column here:

    Please hop over and grab a badge if you'd like!


  7. Caren Says:

    It's darling. I just love it. I teach swimming and have two sisters in one of my classes named Tori and Ella. So similar to your girls.

    Great job on the artwork, it really makes the room.

  8. Cathy Says:

    adorable!! LOVE the pink and green.
    Great job!

  9. aj Says:

    LOVE your daughter's room! Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, room! I bet they love it! Always fun to stop by. cherry

  11. Shannon Says:

    Oh, I love all of it! I would definately hang those things in there. That would be so cute!

  12. Momma to Bug Says:

    Thanks for giving me some decorating ideas! I LOVE your girls' bedroom! It is so cute and the color is the best pink I've ever seen on a wall. Keep up the good work!