So over the past few months, spray paint has become my friend. Yes, we were once strangers out of fear, and misunderstanding, but I have come to love this friend of mine. Why you ask? One word... CONVENIENCE! It is just so easy to use, fast to dry and if you don't like it, choose and different color and start over. I have found many ways to use it as you can see in my previous posts. Here are a few other things that I have invited my friend to beautify for me.

First I found these wall tins at Marshall's. Perfect for my stairway, that is weird, and hard to decorate, and dark.. Anyway, as you can see they aren't the same color. Actually the two that are the same print were different colors, which totally wouldn't work for what I wanted to do. One was the color of the center tile and the other was green. I know... GREEN? So i broke out my tan spray paint and painted them the same base coat. Then I went back with some black paint that I brushed on and wiped off. This got the paint into the crevices and gave me the perfect look that I needed. So now they match and work perfectly. I'm hoping Alex will hang these up for me this weekend.

These candle holders were Goodwill finds. They were ugly. Actually I really wish I had taken a before pic so you could see how ugly they were. They were white and gold and crackled. Yuck. So I just broke out my favorite black can of paint and voila.

This pedestal was brown, dated and ugly, but it was only $1. See for yourself.

Again, I broke out my spray paint, then sanded it down a little so it isn't so perfect.

Finally, a little Halloween decor. See those BOO letters in the pic with the ugly pedestal before pic? Well, I decided to use more spray paint for those.

I spray painted them black first. Then I tried to crackle them. Well that didn't work out so well, so I just painted them white. Not super white, but just a light coating of white. Then I went back and sanded the edges. I wanted them to look rough. I think I accomplished that. Super easy, and really inexpensive. I got the letters at Michaels on clearance for $.49 each. BARGAIN!!!

Okay, I am off to work on my grout. I also am finishing off a cute Halloween project that I saw today. I'll share those pics tomorrow.

Have a great evening.
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  1. Nikki Says:

    First of all, I love the tins! Great color choice.

    The candle sticks are really great too.

  2. All your projects look great! I especially love the black candlesticks and pedestals. My backyard is currently all laid out with my very first spray paint projects. My 4 year old neighbour said "why do you want to paint everything?" I love spray paint!

  3. Celeste Says:

    where are the afters on those Marshall's tins that my mom almost bought too but then decided that they weren't right?? great minds... sorta!!

  4. Celeste Says:

    what kind of crafty thing are you making with those wooden boxes that are on your kitchen counter?!? i wanna know!!

  5. Ohhh love your bargains and your redos. So glad you joined the party. Paint is fun! Lve the pedestal. cherry

  6. AJ Says:

    Love what you did:) And your music selections!

  7. Christina Says:

    Love all of your projects. The pedestal w/glass is just fantastic.

  8. It all looks great! My favorite are the candlesticks. Love the shape of them & they look awesome in black!

  9. Joy Says:

    Wow, girl you have been busy with the spray paint! Look at all those great buys, and wonderful makeovers. Every single one looks fabulous! I think that I'm partial to the pedestal, especially because the cloche fits it just perfectly.
    Thanks so much for coming to the paint party. I'm so glad you could make it.

  10. Marie Says:

    The wall tins look great! I want to see where you hung them! :o)

    Your BOO is cute! And good deal on those letters. Wow. I haven't crackled anything in forever....but what a good idea. Thanks for reminding me of the art of crackle! lol

  11. Priscilla Says:

    oh phew! At first I didn't read carefully and I thought the tins were the before picture and that you were going to spray paint them green. I thought, "Oh no...they look perfect the way they are!" I'm so glad that was the after picture!

    Everything else looks great too!

  12. I too love spraypaint for the convience. I mean, I hate having to get out paint and liners and rollers and brushes and drop cloths. I just like my paint, my gun, and some newspaper! :) Your projects all look GREAT!! :)

  13. I have come to the realization that spray paint in one of the greatest gifts ever created.

    A friend of mine is moving and gave me a bunch of stuff she didn't want last night. I brought it home and my hubby was like "that stuff should go right to the trash, not the basement". I couldn't get him to understand what a little spray paint would do!

  14. I have come to the realization that spray paint in one of the greatest gifts ever created.

    A friend of mine is moving and gave me a bunch of stuff she didn't want last night. I brought it home and my hubby was like "that stuff should go right to the trash, not the basement". I couldn't get him to understand what a little spray paint would do!

  15. aunties Says:

    I love how thrifty and talented you are! I am really being sold on spray paint! I haven't started any projects YET but this weekend I feel a new addiction coming on! well anyway on Saturday ...:)
    Love your pieces! And your sweet daughters looked so cute for their first day of school. It is hard on mom, isn't it? They just growup so fast.
    Hugs, Beth

  16. Hi Deb,

    You are so good at seeing past the original color. I need to do that! I'm in this habit of passing things up if it's not the right color. I need to change that habit quickly. Everything you did looks fantastic!!!

    Brandee :-)

  17. Kimba Says:

    Those are all great projects! I especially love the wall tins. They're beautiful!

  18. Tricia Anne Says:

    Loving it all! Especially the pedestal! Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  19. Hi Deb,
    You've been really busy! All of your projects look great. I'm very impressed!

  20. I need those tins...I feel a trip to Marshall's coming on!

    I love the BOO letters, too cute :)


  21. I went to Marshall's yesterday because of your post on the tins...I saw the tins, but they were a bit bigger than I need, so I passed...but I did still think about getting one, because copying my blogging friends is what I like to do :)

    But....I have been on the hunt for shiny pumpkin (dark rust?) colored curtains...and guess what? I found them at Marshalls! Hooray!!! And only $16.99 for a PAIR! That is so cheap for curtains...I know because we have been going room by room replacing our blinds with curtains, it gets pricey!!!

    Did you see the skeleton and witch tassels they had? They were pretty reasonably priced but my 4 year old didn't like them, lol. I wish they would have had 'cuter' ones.

    Thanks for nudge to go to Marshall's!!!

    Bella :)

  22. aimee Says:

    Cute projects! I love spray paint.