Wow, I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. The time is just flying by and I seem to be super busy lately. Between things I'm doing for the school, projects here at home, plus sickie children, I don't seem to have as much time on my hands as I thought I would. My day just seems to fly by and I'm really not as productive as I would like to be.

I did get the chance to go with my friend Maret the other day to get her some Halloween decor. I just love decorating other people's houses, and helping them spend their money. I'm sure it makes my hubby happy too. Anyway, we stopped by Michaels just in time to get these puppies at half off. I'd had this urn for years and had wanted to do something fun with it, so voila. Add some raffia to the base and cut a hole in the pumpkins and this is what you get.

I also had some raw burlap that I had used last year. I just sewed, yes I sewed the edges and made myself a little runner. Totally wavy and not at all even or symmetrical, but I kind of like the natural look I have going on. Then I added these mini urns I found at a resale shop here. Quite a bargain at $.50 each. Add a little faux pumpkin and we're all done.

Oh, and I have to share my favorite bargain from last week. So I went with my sister shopping at the outlet mall near her house. They have a great Marshall's there, and look what I found on clearance for $20. This was regular $90. It goes perfect in my dining room. Now I just need to decide on the window treatments. Right now I'm thinking that I want something natural in there, like some nice burlap, or linen or something. We'll see.

I've been creating some fun Halloween decor for my sister, who has been sicker than a dog for the past three months... yes she is pregnant, and doesn't have much energy to do anything. Yes people, there is something in the water, and I need to stay far, far away from it. Everyone and their sister is getting prego right now. My sis, my cousin, a family friend, another family friend, and my friend just had her fourth baby. Yes, I need to make sure that I don't drink their brand of water. Although my girls have been asking me to have two babies... one for each of them. WHATEVER!!! Anywho, back to my original story, my sis asked me to make her some fun stuff for her house. Well my favorite toy right now is definitely my Cricut. I have been cutting different little things out of vinyl, which I'm totally loving. I wanted to make her a fun "Boo" sign, and this is what she got. It'll look totally cute on an easel.

I also made this fun, simple little picture frame. I'm make so much use out of my scrapbook stuff I haven't touched in months.

It hasn't all been crafting and shopping here. This weekend, I got a wild hair and decided (while in the middle of switching out all of my girls' summer/winter clothes) that I would move their room around. Well, I'm still working on it. I will post pics of that adventure in the coming days. But for now, I am off to put some steaks on the grill, put my girls to bed, and get ready for the Heroes premier. Can't wait.

Have a great night!
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  1. AJ Says:

    Love the pumpkins Deb! Today I finally found an urn at Goodwill. I've been reading about everyone's finds and feeling sorry for myself. Everyone else seems to have such good thrift stores:) Can't wait to see what you've done with your girls' rooms!

  2. Nikki Says:

    Love all of the projects, and the burlap is great!

    I have 3 friends that have just had babies within 2weeks of each other. I'm sure there will be another wave of preggos around here if I had to guess.

  3. Shannon Says:

    I love everything you have been up to! Love the white pumpkins and Boo sign!!

    My friend had burlap curtains and they were really pretty. The chocolate brown burlap would be pretty in your dining room.

    Can't wait to see your girl's rooms!

  4. Sandy Toes Says:

    How cute is that! I love white pumpkins!

    Hope everyone is feeling better.
    -Sandy toes

  5. Love the large pumpkin urn, and the burlap runner!

  6. First off, the dining room looks great. I love the wavy burlap runner and your pumpkin topiary. Second, your picture fits perfect in that space. What a find that was. Great job.

    Where do you get a cricut machine? I could use one of those. :-)

  7. love it all!! AND the blog looks AWESOME!!

  8. Celeste Says:

    DRINK THE WATER, DRINK THE WATER!! yay!! that would make all of you prego and not me!! YAY ME!! HAHAHA!!! well, i guess 2/4 isn't so bad.... let's just let it be known that it IS NOT this cousin that is pregnant!! why, you may ask?!? well, the answer would be that immaculate conceptions do not, I REPEAT... DO NOT!!!, happen in these parts!!

    on a more decorative, but not so much crafty, note... i guess i should maybe take out all of my halloween stuff, huh??

  9. Your dining room looks great!

  10. aunties Says:

    Great finds at Michaels. Love your cute BOO sign and white pumpkins. I just read another post about cutting the cutest letters etc from vinyl.
    Your dining room looks great!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Love the white pumpkins - I have been looking for them but can't seem to find any that are reasonably priced. I guess I might to wait until they go on sale after the fall season!

  12. Your pumpkins are just so cute! I love the urn and the way you put them together. Thanks for showing them to us!

  13. Claudia Says:

    Wow, you are so good. You've really gotta help me with my house!!! And the BOO sign is made using a Cricut!?

    I like your new banner and tags!

  14. Marie Says:

    Wow! You are so busy! And creative! I love your dining room. It looks so nice. :o) I saw those white pumpkins at Michaels on Friday but I resisted and didn't buy any! My husband actually wanted me to, but I said no. Call the men in white coats, but I may have lost my mind. haha

    And keep that baby water away from me too, okay? :o)

  15. Darlene Says:

    WOW...cute, cute projects!!! LOVE the pumpkins in the dining the picture!! That BOO and BAT is FABULOUS....OK call me crazy but what is a Cricut (some sort of machine that cuts shapes or letters)? If that is the answer are those letters just cut out of scrapbook paper? I LOVE this and when you tell me the answers I might have to copy...err flatter you!!!!!

  16. Celeste Says:

    i think i've decided that you need to make me one of fantabulous bats in a frame .... just like that one!! marie won't mind if you just send me that one, as a matter of fact... i just know she won't!! :)

  17. Chris Says:

    Okay. I just found three ideas I want to copy! I love the bat in the frame, and I sooo wish I had a Cricut! Good job!

  18. Hey i asked you not sure if you you have the cricut expressions? cherry

  19. Sandy Toes Says:

    Hi Deb,
    On a posting a couple of days ago, you asked me where I found my bunny topiary! I bought it in a small shop in Chicago area about three years ago! I don't even remember the name...sorry!
    -Sandy toes

  20. Joy Says:

    I love the soft color combination on your table! Those off whites look soooo good.
    It looks like you found some really great things at great prices.
    Your home is looking wonderful with the fall decorations! Your Eeek sign looks pretty cute too.

  21. UAFWIFE Says:

    Wow, Your decorations are so cute!! I love the fall, I am waiting for October 1st to start putting everything out..Especially for Halloween I am so excited!!!

  22. CUTE pumpkin centerpiece. I love it! :)

  23. Oh my gah! I lOVE that pumpkin stack on that gorgeous urn. Drooling and jealous right now.


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Love the pumpkins! Such talent.

  25. Alexa Says:

    Hi Deb! Love looking at all of your creations - come decorate my house - I'll give you the credit card and you can go crazy.

    Love, Alexa

  26. Love love love the pumpkin urn centerpiece!!! I'm getting ready to feature the vintage martha pumpkin topiary on my site too.

    I agree with the first commenter here, you guys have MUCH better thrift stores than I have!!!! Amazing!

  27. Bella Casa Says:

    I love your pumpkin urns, urns so rock my world lately, the raffia, too, haven't used much of that lately and really not sure why's so versatile and fun.

    I don't want any of that water either! I have 2 boys, ages 13 and 4 and I definitely do not want to 'start all over again' is definitely what it felt like with my 2nd one ;) I can wait for grandbabies...a long long time from now :)


  28. Love the style and muted colors of your dining centerpiece!

  29. Astrid Says:

    I really love the pumpkins on the urn. What a pretty centerpiece!

    I love my Cricut too. I haven't tried cutting vinyl with it.

  30. I love your pumpkins and your bat in the frame....very cute

  31. Meghan Says:

    Love the bat pic...too cha cha!

  32. Kimba Says:

    I love those pumpkins! They look fantastic in the urn. I'm going to be raiding Michaels once their stuff goes on clearance.

    Thanks for coming to my party. Happy halloween!


  33. simple~needs Says:

    i love the pics!! i gave you a fall award on my blog. :)