You know sometimes there are fun products that you see and you think they would be fun to use, but then you kind of outgrow them and they just sit gathering dust. I have several of these (ssshh don't tell). A couple of years ago I got a Cricut machine... that would be back when I was BIG into scrapbooking (note to self... get some scrapbooking done!) I have to admit, I have used it more for my kids school projects than I have for my scrap books. They've had some super cute projects! I think this is the best, best product I've ever purchased. Lately I've been using it to organize. Organize? Yes organize.

I found these fun bottles at IKEA for my oils and vinegars. Super cheap... like $3. But I wanted them to look pretty, and whenever anyone else was cooking in my kitchen, they didn't know what was what. So I labeled them using my Cricut vinyl, and voila, instant cuteness.

Then I did the same thing to some simple oil and vinegar jars I have next to my stove...

Then I moved on to my storage containers in the pantry.

And finally some glass soap containers I found at Target for the kitchen.

Can you tell I've gone a little label crazy?
3 Responses
  1. Misty Says:

    Ok, you've totally inspired me to buy a Cricut. I've been paying people on ebay and etsy to make little things like this and it's time to break down and buy my own! Great job!

  2. Celeste Says:

    i need some fancy labels too... one for dish soap one for hand soap & one for lotion, please! nut not as big as the ones you have because my things aren't big.

    k, thanks! you're awesome!

    love ya!